Newsletter NRP 70 and NRP 71 – 15.11.2016
Researchers of NRP 70 and NRP 71 discuss their contributions to Energy Strategy 2050
At topical workshops about 100 researchers of NRP 70 and NRP 71 have shared and discussed their initial research findings concerning the transformation of the energy system.
Improve competitive standing by innovations relating to energy
Can companies improve their competitive position by investing in new, more energy-efficient technologies? Questions like this were examined in the NRP 71 project, which has now been completed.
The analysis of municipal waste provides new findings for waste management
An analysis carried out as part of the NRP 70 project "Waste management to support the energy turnaround" provides new insights into the recycling of materials.
GoEco! launches the second phase of the survey, with various incentives for active participants
In October the GoEco! participants were informed about the start of the second phase of data collection. Besides playful incentives to rethink one's own mobility behaviour, all the participants have a chance to win attractive prizes.
For more information about the various projects, please visit the following websites: and available.
   5th Conference on solar thermal energy in Switzerland 2016

24.11.2016, Lucerne Exhibition Centre

The Energy Strategy 2050 and the MuKEn 2014 entail significant changes in the Swiss energy system.

   15th National Photovoltaics Conference 2017

From 23. to 24.03.2017, SwissTech Convention Center Lausanne

The National Photovoltaic Conference has become established as the most important event in the Swiss solar power sector.

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