Newsletter NRP 70 and NRP 71 - May 2019
Final edition of E&: “Energy & change”
With the fifth edition entitled “Energy & change”, the National Research Programmes 70 and 71 are bringing an end to the E& magazine series.
Building-integrated photovoltaics: aesthetic, efficient and widely accepted
Within the scope of NRP 70, researchers studied photovoltaic systems integrated into the roofs and façades (BIPV) of existing buildings from the point of view of aesthetic, ecological and economic criteria.
Completed project: Heat utilisation with solid sorption technology
The THRIVE joint project studied and developed adsorption heat pump technology to harness waste heat and renewable heat in Switzerland to substitute electricity and fossil fuels.
Completed project: SwiSS solid-state SiC transformer
Technologies required for highly efficient, silicon-carbide (SiC) based power electronic systems intended for grid applications were developed and their potential application in the Swiss electric grid was studied.
Completed project: Software-based real-time grid control
A novel method for the real-time management of electricity flows within distribution grids and microgrids with renewable energy sources was developed.
Completed join project: Electricity storage via adiabatic air compression
Modern adiabatic compressed air storage power stations can achieve an efficiency ratio of 75% and represent an alternative to pumped-storage power plants.
“Sustainable is Beautiful”: winners of the architecture competition honoured
From the 13 projects submitted for the competition, which carried the motto “Sustainable is Beautiful”, the architectural designs that combined energy efficiency, photovoltaic production and architectural expression most convincingly were rewarded. The competition was supported by the NRP 70.
For more information about the various projects, please visit the following websites: and available.
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