“Research for the energy future” – technology meeting in cooperation with Swissmem

The picture shows a CAD drawing of a factory.

As part of a technology meeting, four research teams presented projects and results from the National Research Programme “Energy Turnaround” (NRP 70) to members of the branch association Swissmem. Under the title “Research for the energy future”, the practical relevance of research activities and the possibilities of transferring the results into practice were explored in constructive dialogue.

Stefanie Hellweg, joint project “WastEturn – waste management to support the energy turnaround”, Andre Heel, joint project “Renewable fuels for electricity production – fuel cells, methanation”, Bruno Michel, joint project “Heat utilisation with solid sorption technology” and Christian Schaffner, joint project “Sustainable decentralised power generation” presented an overview of their research activities in the first part of the event.

Then the participants had the opportunity to go into more detail on what they had heard in a poster session with other representatives of the four project teams. The researchers knew how to show the practical relevance of their work and discuss possible connecting factors for cooperation with the business representatives.

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