The new edition of “Energy &” revolves around the topic of mobility

Das Bild zeigt die Titelseite des Magazins E& mit einer Papierkonstruktion.

The magazine “Energy &” provides insights into the topic of mobility from various perspectives and at different levels: on the ground, underground and above the clouds.

The fourth edition of “Energy &”, the magazine of National Research Programmes 70 and 71, looks at a topic that quite literally never stands still. Traffic accounts for more than a third of energy consumption in Switzerland and poses us with many challenges. Some of these are considered in more detail in this edition of “Energy &”.

We share our thoughts on why we are moving more and with greater speed and why mobility is more than just traffic, ask questions about the car design of the future and broach the subject of whether people will ever part with their own car. We want to know whether the future of mobility will really be played out above the clouds. Or do underground solutions represent our only chance to make headway?

This and the previous editions “Energy & Lifestyle”, “Energy & Networks” and “Energy & Fiction” can be ordered or downloaded free of charge at The magazine is available in German and French. 

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