Using (waste) heat to cool buildings

Das Bild zeigt den Prototypen mit bis zu 10 Kilowatt Kühlleistung.

In a stakeholder event at the HSR University of Applied Sciences Rapperswil, representatives from the worlds of research and industry were able to gather information on the results of the NRP 70 joint project “THRIVE”.

THRIVE (Thermally Driven Heat Pumps for Substitution of Electricity and Fossil Fuels) is an NRP 70 joint project aimed at identifying application scenarios for thermally driven heat pumps. Under the leadership of Dr Bruno Michel and Dr Patrick Ruch, heat pump technology with minimal electricity requirements was designed for these scenarios. The results are now available. Based on the heating and cooling potential of this technology in four application scenarios, the researchers anticipate a reduction in energy consumption of up to 9% by 2050 in the stationary energy sector. This equates to a savings potential of 3% to 6% for overall Swiss energy consumption by 2050.

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