Technology meeting with representatives from the energy, construction and photovoltaics sectors in French-speaking Switzerland

The image shows a farmhouse with building-integrated PV modules.
Renovation project with large terra cotta tiles based on mono-crystalline Si cells, on a farmhouse located in a protected area where panels with standard appearance are forbidden. (photo: Patrick Heinstein)

At a technology meeting, research teams presented the results of two NRP 70 projects to representatives from the construction, energy and photovoltaics sectors.

Lively and constructive exchanges took place at the “Next-generation photovoltaics and building-integrated PV” event co-organised with the support of CREM. The practical benefits of the research work were demonstrated and the potential for specific implementation measures was explored.

To get things started, Professor Christophe Ballif from the joint project “Next generation photovoltaics” as well as Dr. Sophie Lufkin and Sergi Aguacil Moreno from the joint project “Building-integrated photovoltaics – active interfaces” presented an overview of the results from their research work that can be applied in practice.

In the second part, those in attendance had the opportunity to visit the PV test facilities and the laboratory of the PV lab of the EPFL Lausanne in Neuchâtel. It was then possible to observe the pilot production systems for solar modules at the Innovation Park. The presentation of practical examples that also incorporated business aspects relating to the implementation of the presented new technologies allowed the researchers to illustrate the practical benefits of their work. Thanks to the questions of the participants and the dynamic exchanges that characterised this afternoon, it was possible to discuss the implementation potential of the research results and establish promising contacts for future cooperation.

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