Energy! The new web portal to mark the conclusion of NRP 70 and NRP 71

The image shows the homepage of the web portal.

The joint web portal “NRP Energy” with results from more than 100 research projects and the syntheses for the six main topics is online.

The results of the more than 100 research projects of the National Research Programmes “Energy Turnaround” (NRP 70) and “Managing Energy Consumption” (NRP 71) can be found on the new web portal “NRP Energy”. At present, the results of around 40 research projects as well as the synthesis on the main topic “Acceptance” are available. Further projects and syntheses on main topics with specific recommendations for action will be added to the web portal on an ongoing basis.

The innovative web portal will allow for contents to be put together on an individual basis. It is also possible to set up a notification that informs you actively as soon as new contents on specific topics are available.

Alongside the continuous addition of the results of the research projects, the synthesis on the main topic “Mobility Behaviour” will be made available in a next step.

This will then be followed by the syntheses on the main topics of “Energy Networks”, “Buildings and Settlement”, “Market Conditions and Regulation” as well as “Hydropower and Market”. Individual syntheses will be presented at specific closing events.

The programme summary will be made available in January 2020 and thus mark the end of NRP 70 and NRP 71.

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Dr Stefan Husi Programme Manager
NRP 70 and 71