Electricity supply

The success of the energy turnaround will depend on the potential of water, wind and solar energy, the impact of an increasingly de-centralised energy production, the stability of the grid in view of the strongly intermittent electricity generated from wind and solar sources, “smart grids” and energy storage. NRP 70 is expected to produce concrete, practical and economical solutions in these areas.




Prof. Sophia Haussener wins Prix ZontaProf. Sophia Haussener wins Prix Zonta 11:00:00 PM

 Completed projects



Hybrid overhead power lines for SwitzerlandHybrid overhead power lines for Switzerland Christian M. Franck
Joint project "Assessing future electricity markets"Joint project "Assessing future electricity markets" Christian Schaffner
Joint project "Electricity storage via adiabatic air compression"Joint project "Electricity storage via adiabatic air compression" Aldo Steinfeld
Joint project "Hydropower and geo-energy"Joint project "Hydropower and geo-energy" Domenico Giardini
Joint project "Next generation photovoltaics"Joint project "Next generation photovoltaics" Christophe Ballif
Joint project "Software-based real-time grid control"Joint project "Software-based real-time grid control" Jean-Yves Le Boudec
Joint project "Sustainable decentralised power generation"Joint project "Sustainable decentralised power generation" Marco Mazzotti
Joint project "SwiSS solid-state SiC transformer"Joint project "SwiSS solid-state SiC transformer" Nicola Schulz
Joint project "The future of Swiss hydropower"Joint project "The future of Swiss hydropower" Hannes Weigt
Perovskites for solar energyPerovskites for solar energy Majed Chergui
Sustainable floodplain management and hydropowerSustainable floodplain management and hydropower Anton Schleiss
Trade-offs in switching to renewable electricityTrade-offs in switching to renewable electricity Anthony Patt

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