Newsletter NRP 70 and NRP 71 – 20.12.2016
"Low energy concrete" team discusses implementation strategies with external partners
The joint project team "Low energy concrete" (NRP 70) discussed potential barriers and the future implementation of the research results in the market.
Riding e-Bikes encourages people to new ways of thinking
The Bike4Car national campaign has resulted in a measurable effect on the participants, leading them to use their cars less. What is more, a majority of the survey participants have already purchased an e-Bike or are planning to do so.
"Futures Wheel" – Visual presentation of the effects of energy policy measures from the practical test
The NRP-71 project "Exploring ways towards societal consensus" examined the question "What would be different if...?" at the annual SwissEnergy conference in the Futures Wheel workshop.
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21. - 26.05.2017, Ascona

Researchers mainly from the social sciences discuss innovative research and new methodological approaches to various aspects of the human dimensions of environmental problems and risks.

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